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Russias Solly Helped US Win Hockey.
29.02.1960. Ottawa Citizen.

Squaw Valley, Calif. (AP) - A jubilant United States hockey coach gave credit to Russian team captain Nikolai Sologubov for helping his Yanks became the first American team to win an Olympic hockey championship.

Two weekend victories - a 3-2 decision over Russia and a 9-4 victory at the expense of Czechoslovakia - gave the Americans an unbeaten record in Olympic hockey for five games and title. Canada, beaten only by the US, 2-1, finished second in the tournament by defeating Sweden, 6-5, on Saturday and Russia, 8-5, yesterday.

Credit Solly for helping us win the championship - it was his idea, said Coach Jack Riley.

The US erupting for six goals in the final period to rout Czechoslovakia, 9-4, used an oxygen gas between the second and third periods on the suggestion of Sologubov, who is called Solly by many of the Olympics players.

He told us to used it when he came into the dressing room at the end of the second period, and even helped administer it, explained Riley, who was mobbed by the delirious American team after the come-from-behind victory.

Solly was in the dressing room between each of the periods, pounding the Americans on the back, and shouting words of encouragement in the game against the Soviet satellite country.

After the smashing US triumph, Sologubov and Soviet coach Anatoli Tarasov congratulated each member of the noisy, celebrating Americans.

Solly helped us, all right, said Roger Christian, who broke open the tight game with a three-goal salvo in the final period, but it was the gold medal that spurred us on. Remember that.

Riley, who said he never again wanted to go through such a nerve-wracking experience, added that the 3-2 victory over Russia Saturday took a lot out of us.

Most of our guys didnt sleep Saturday night from excitement and tension. And when we had an early 8 a.m. game to play the Czechs, we were kinda tired. The oxygen sure came in handy. We never used it before.

I cant figure it out, said Riley. I still think Canada had the best team in the tournament, man for man. But we outhunted and out talked them. We told everyone within ear-shot that we were going to win the hockey title, that we would beat Canada and our guys were fired up enough to do it.